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The Bridge is a ministry of St. Michael. We do a lot of things to build up, equip, and encourage everyone who is a part of the Bridge community.

Join us to become more connected:

1st Sundays | Gathering to Praise
11 am in Luther Hall at St. Michael Lutheran Church (2131 Getz Rd., 46804)
Our gatherings of praise are filled with music, God’s Word, and we offer Holy Communion. (Learn more about communion.)

Monday Nights at Junk Ditch
You will find Pastor Shawn chatting with a group or just waiting for someone to talk to you by 8:30 pm every Monday.

Community Groups
This summer we are meeting Tuesday evenings at Pastor Shawn’s house. It will be a time of building community, diving deeper into God’s Word as we explore Jesus’ Table Fellowship in Luke, and then spend sometime hanging out playing games. For more information contact Pastor Shawn.

Here are few other opportunities we have tossed around - open mic night, game nights, story slams, Luther Hall workday, neighborhood blessings, and more. We are gauging the interest on some of these events and will be adding them to the calendar as interest and logistics allow. Let me know if you are interested in any of the opportunities and I can update you on the details - Pastor Shawn

Our Summer schedule

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BECOME More Connected

Here are some awesome opportunities to be involved in at St. Michael:
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